June/July 2017 - Sally Evans

Sally Evans

Sally Evans is a widely published poet, and the Editor of the broadsheet Poetry Scotland which has been running since 1997.  She lives in Callander, runs Kings Bookshop Callander with her husband and hosts Callander Poetry Weekend; which poets visit from all over Scotland and the UK each September.

In the Town

Men and women gather under bad lighting,
loiter among the steel street furniture.
Passers-by do not see them.
They wonder whether to go back in
the crowded pub or to scarper
into dim alleys where tall buildings
obscure whatever sharp vision they still have.
They rejoice in anonymous scrambles
from shop door to housing block.

There may be a point to this.

Moonlight is like a flame,
you can live without either.
The lost ones plan their incursions into
the one life they have got
aware that if there is something missing,
what is present, given, is a cavern
with other players, a kind
of blind man’s bluff.

A few of them realise there is moonlight
and leave the town,
and are never seen again.

Poems by Sally Evans.

From the e-book Tormaukin, published by Firewater Pressin 2016. It reached No 1 on the Women’s poetry listing on Amazon Kindle and remained near the top of the ratings for over a month. The Tormaukin is the Scottish mountain hare.