November 2017 - Elspeth Brown

Elspeth Brown

Elspeth has had several pamphlets published and two books of poetry.  She has written a play about James Clerk Maxwell presented at the Edinburgh Fringe and a series of short stories. She has just completed a pamphlet concerning working cranes, birds and the sea. (She is not good at themes!)  Elspeth has enjoyed reading alone and with the Solway poets and Portobello poets in venues from the Isle of Wight Literary Festival to the north of Scotland, where her family originate.

Found Photograph

He smiles at the camera,
happy in the mountains,
relaxed, fun to be with.
One of the people 
I will never meet.
I think I would like him,
would sleep in his tent
on the edge of the sky.
Wait for him while he climbs
the last peak, cooking stew
in a small metal pot
over a calor gas stove.
At least not knowing him
I will never have to fear
he has fallen from a cliff
or been buried in an avalanche
never to be found.