October 2017 - Anne B. Murray

Anne B. Murray
A Glaswegian poet now based in Stirling.  She worked for many years in Glasgow’s Adult Learning department encouraging others to read and write poetry.  She is a regular performer at the Glasgow Aye Write and Edinburgh Fringe festivals and other literary events.  She has had poems published in various magazines and anthologies.

Only two to a bed, but never sit on the bed
no flowers please they are unhygienic
the patient’s en suite is out of bounds
please use the facilities for visitors
before you enter the ward remembering
to wash then sanitise your hands
visiting is totally open except during  
doctors’ rounds, mealtimes or 
the patients’ rest hour after lunch.

I obey all the rules, I’m glad of them
something to talk about, laugh at
something to take my mind off
your pallor, your dull, knowing eyes
as we both await your final visitor.


Anne B. Murray