Everything you need to know about your Mobile Library.

Mobile library timetables

Who can use it?

Anyone who lives, works or is being educated in the Stirling Council Area.

Where can you use it?

The Mobile Libraries visit both rural and urban areas.

How regular is the service?

Visits are either weekly or fortnightly

How long does the Mobile Library stop for?

This varies. 20-30 minutes is average The Mobile Library may stop at several locations in an area, spending most of the morning or afternoon there.

Can I use the new Select and Collect service in the Mobile Libraries?

Yes, this service is available in our Mobile Libraries. Information on how to use the service can be found here.

When does the Mobile Library visit my area?

Select and Collect

Copies may also be displayed on a notice board or in a shop near you

Can you use other Libraries in Stirling as well?

Yes, you can.

What happens if you miss the Library visit?

You can renew your items by telephone or online. Books may be returned to any other library in the Stirling Council area.

What services do the Mobile Libraries provide?

  • Books for adults & children
  • DVDs (there is a charge for this)
  • Books on CD for adults & children
  • Large print books
  • Request service
  • Community Information Service
  • Stamps and publications for sale


A picture of one of the Council's mobile libraries.