A naming ceremony is a way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby or newly-adopted child into the family and formally name and welcome the new arrival with family and friends.

A naming ceremony is a special non-religious event to celebrate a special family occasion for your child or children. It is an opportunity to make an open commitment to parenthood and to strengthen relationships by involving family and friends. However, the ceremony has no legal standing and cannot be used for identification purposes. 

You can arrange for a Registrar to conduct a naming ceremony at any of our registration offices or approved venues.


The fee of £119.00 includes

  • pre-ceremony
  • consultation,
  • ceremony
  • and certificate

Additional fees may also be payable depending on where and when you wish the ceremony to take place - the Registrar will advise you on this.

Most offices accept payment by Debit and Credit cards.

Please contact the Registrar for more advice.

Last updated: Friday, September 17, 2021 12:34 PM