Stirling Council has now fitted more than 10,000 energy efficient and higher quality street lights in communities across the area, underlining its continuing commitment to environmental protection.

Since 2015, the authority has invested almost £10million to convert 10,620 old and inefficient sodium lanterns to modern light-emitting diodes (LEDs), along with replacing 3,622 lamp posts – around a quarter of the total across Stirling.

The new lighting units reduce energy consumption by 50 per cent, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and providing significant long-term cost savings to the Council.

Through enhanced, clearer and more focused lighting, the LEDs also improve public safety and reduce light nuisance, while their longer life expectancy means they require less maintenance.

A 43 per recent reduction in energy consumption

The new bulbs have already produced a 43 per recent reduction in energy consumption for street lighting in the area since the programme got underway.

Funding of £9,908million for the four-year project came primarily from the Green Investment Bank (now known as L1 Renewables Financing), with the Council contributing £100,000 and Salix – an interest free, not-for-profit loans company – an additional £200,000.

Further upgrade works are planned over the coming year (2019/20), following £380,000 of capital investment from the Council which was approved in the recent budget.

A leading light when it comes to improving the environment

Cllr Jim Thomson, Convener of the Environment and Housing Committee, said: “Passing the 10,000 milestone for installing these high-quality and low-energy lights is fantastic news and demonstrates the Council’s determination to achieve a sustainable Stirling and tackle climate change. 

“We are already seeing the return of this major investment with the reduction in energy consumption, and we will continue to power forward with this street lighting programme to ensure communities across Stirling see the benefits.”

Cllr Danny Gibson, Vice Convener of the Environment and Housing Committee, said: “This is just one of many exciting green energy projects going on across Stirling which shows we are a leading light when it comes to improving the environment and cutting our carbon footprint.

“These new and improved and energy efficient lanterns are already saving money in energy costs, and I would like to thank our staff for their hard work in delivering them to our communities in such a short space of time.”

Due to the scale of the upgrading programme, local companies have worked effectively in partnership with the Council, including Lightways, Gilmartins and Gordon Electrical to install the new columns and lanterns.

A column conditioning survey carried out across Stirling in 2013 - funded by the Scottish Futures Trusts - helped prioritise the replacement of street lighting columns and cables.

Stirling Council’s vision is for the city region to align with the most successful cities across the globe by becoming a leader in progressive sustainable development.  A central aim of the City Region Deal is delivering a low carbon economy that is resilient to the challenges of the future.

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Cllrs Jim Thomson and Danny Gibson alongside members of Stirling Council’s Street Lighting Team during the installation of new energy efficient street lights on Waverley Crescent, Riverside.


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