More than 1,400 tickets were issued to drivers parking illegally and irresponsibly in rural Stirling in just over a year.

Stirling Council Enforcement Officers handed out the Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) between 1 August 2019 and 30 September 2020

Almost 1,150 of the tickets were issued at Balmaha Car Park and on the B837 between Balmaha to Rowardennan, which is a designated clearway.

There were 199 parking charge notices issued in the Finnich Glen area (where the Devil’s Pulpit is located), with 70 on the A821 near Ben A’nn.

The figures were revealed in a report from the Safer Communities Team discussed at Stirling Council’s Environment and Housing Committee last week (3 Dec).

Must act responsibly

Convener of the Committee, Cllr Jim Thomson said: “The significant enforcement activity that has taken place in our rural areas underlines the issue of careless and reckless parking from a minority of visitors.

“This mindless behaviour poses a serious risk to public safety and has stopped emergency services from carrying out their vital work, which is completely unacceptable.

“We are proud of Stirling’s reputation as a must-visit destination, and look forward to a more normal time when we can all travel without restrictions, but day-trippers and tourists must act responsibly when they are here.

“As we head into 2021, we will continue working with our key partners, including Police Scotland and the National Park, to ensure this message is hammered home.”

To stop illegal parking, protect public safety and support rural communities and businesses, the Council carried out a number of measures this year including:

  • Installing double yellow lines in Finnch Glen in July.
  • Implementing a Clearway Restriction on the A821.
  • Deploying Enforcement Officers to popular rural beauty spots.
  • Working with key partners to communicate key messages to the public and support temporary road closures at pinch points.

Protect local communities and support local businesses

Cllr Thomson said: “The Council will continue to do all it can to protect local communities and support local businesses, taking enforcement action when required, and this report will help inform how we focus our efforts next year.

“Ultimately, solving the problem of careless and illegal parking will require a change in behaviour from a minority of visitors.

“For those that flout the rules, the message from the report is that you will go home with a fine.”

The report also highlighted a number of incidents of aggression towards staff from members of the public.


Cllr Thomson added: “It’s disgraceful that some of our Enforcement Team have been subjected to threatening and abusive behaviour whilst serving their communities.

“Enforcement Officers have been working hard to keep people safe in extremely challenging circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic, and we would like to thank them for their efforts.”

More information and picture details:

A recording of the Environment and Housing Committee meeting and a link to the full report is available to view on the Council’s YouTube channel.

Pictures show cars parked illegally on the A821 near Ben A’nn.