Specialist repair works to protect the heritage of the historic Hollowburn Bridge in Fallin will begin on Monday 12 July.
Stirling Council Coronavirus Update

The bridge is a listed structure and is considered a rare example of an industrial wooden bridge construction from the late 19th Century.

Damage to the bridge was identified last year and a temporary closure and safety barriers were put in place. Due to the complex nature of the repairs and the bridge’s listed status, the Council’s efforts to secure the necessary materials, while working in conjunction with conservation planners, has taken longer than originally anticipated.

Repair work, which will initially involve clearing away vegetation, followed by removing and replacing the deck of the bridge and the deck boards, is anticipated to last three weeks.

Convener of the Environment and Housing Committee, Councillor Jim Thomson, said: “We are delighted that we are finally able to get on site, begin the repair work and get the bridge reopened to the public.

“We are aware of how important Hollowburn Bridge is to the local community as an access route, and will work to get the structure repaired as soon as possible.

“Given its historic importance, the Council has ensured that the repair elements are in keeping with the industrial heritage of the bridge. We have maintained contact with Polmaise Community Council throughout the closure and will keep everyone updated as to the progress of the repairs.”

Listed StatusVice Convener, Councillor Danny Gibson said: “Given its complex nature and listed status, any repairs require a great deal of planning. The bridge is a historic asset and was closed to ensure the safety of the public and protect it from further damage.

“We realise it has been closed for some time now but would encourage residents to adhere to the safety measures in place and follow the two diversions which offer alternative routes for walkers in the area to use.”

There continues to be two alternative diversion routes in place - one along the A905 carriageway adjacent path and the other using the existing core path network and National Cycle Network, which is 1km longer than the A905 route and is a quieter route suitable for leisure walking.

Maps of the suggested alternative routes will be posted at the approach to the bridge from both sides.