Stirling Council’s Registration Service is being celebrated today (1 July) as part of a national day of recognition for Registrars across the UK.

National Day of Recognition for Registrars acknowledges the efforts made by registration staff over the last year throughout the pandemic where they have had to adapt to continue providing support to families.

Liz Ferguson, District Registrar for Stirling Council said: “We as frontline essential workers did not have the ability to work from home. Instead, we adapted our offices and existing practices and commenced with remote death and still-birth registrations, assisting bereaved families across the country. 

“Rather than dealing with families face to face, we had to carry out registrations remotely by telephone. Adapting to this new way of working was extremely mentally draining for us all; especially as the majority of families were further distressed by their inability to be with their loved one when they passed.”

The service faced a significant backlog of unregistered births when restrictions were eased in June last year, but were able to rise to this challenge while minimising risk of infection to families and new-born babies with a hybrid system of registration. They have also handled paperwork for anxious couples who have chosen to postpone weddings and civil partnerships due to coronavirus restrictions.

Community Planning and Regeneration Committee Convenor Cllr Chris Kane said: “I’m incredibly proud of the work of the Registration team over the last year and how they have faced down the challenges of adapting their work through lockdown with minimal disruption and maintaining their high standard of professionalism.”

Vice Convenor Cllr Scott Farmer said: “I’m glad that this national day is being marked to give recognition to the excellent work of Stirling Council’s Registration team. They have rose to every challenge posed to them throughout the last year and have continued to offer compassionate support to families in these most trying circumstances.”

Stirling Council registration offices will be closed from 9am-11am on 1 July to allow staff to attend the National Day of Recognition.