Please be aware that as of the 1st October the new 2019 Technical Handbooks come in to force.

The main changes are the provision for fire safety within Section 2 (Fire) in both the Domestic and Non-domestic Handbooks.  These changes form part of the output from the Ministerial Working Group on Building and Fire Safety and the 2018 consultation on fire safety.

A further change under standard 3.12 introduces the provision of 'Changing Places Toilets' in larger non-domestic buildings.

A number of minor corrections and updating website hyperlinks have also been made.

The handbooks are available, free of charge, in electronic format only.  They can be viewed or downloaded from the Scottish Government website.

What is a Building Warrant? Do I need one?

A Building Warrant is generally required when:

  • Building a new home
  • Extending your home
  • The building or removing of walls
  • Altering roofs, external walls or other structural elements
  • Converting a loft or garage into a room
  • Demolishing a building

Documents you will need:

  • Plans and drawings in relation to the proposed work
  • The appropriate application fee
  • Certificates from an Approved Certifier of Design (if you are using one)
  • Confirmation that you intend to use an Approved Certifier of Construction

It is an offence to start work without a Building Warrant, where a Building Warrant is required. 
Starting work could result in statutory enforcement action being taken and result in a fine of up to £5,000.

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