Salt pile and grit bin locations, winter 2021/22, for the Stirling Council area.

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Information and requirements for grit bins

The Council will provide grit bins, for the storage of a 50/50 salt/grit mix. Bins will be placed at various identified locations, throughout the Council area. Bins will be provided under the following conditions:

  • The bins are for the storage of 50/50 salt/grit mix for use on public roads only. These bins will be placed at locations of identified difficulties.
  • 50/50 Salt/grit mix will be replenished during or following spells of adverse weather conditions, as soon as resources allow.
  • Bins have only been provided at identified locations which a vehicle can access for ease of filling.
  • Bins may be provided for a footway or footpath, where particularly treacherous physical conditions exist. It will be located, for ease of filling, adjacent to a carriageway.
  • Bins will not generally be provided adjacent to Priority 1 gritting routes, in car parks or for internal use by the Council or any other public or private property, such as schools, parks, hospitals or care homes etc. They will not be placed specifically outside homes. Salt bins will not be provided on established footpath tractor routes.
  • A bin may, however, be placed on a Priority 1 carriageway route where difficult geometry may require the additional availability of salt for the public to use.
  • A bin will be provided at underpasses and footbridges, provided a location can be found that will limit the public use of the salt on adjacent roads and footways.

Last updated: Monday, September 20, 2021 5:42 PM