Stirling has many opportunities for Cycling, whether it be commuting or leisure. There’s some useful cycle maps for the Stirling area and a journey planner to help you decide the best route for you.

Cycle Journey Planning

It's now possible to get journey planning information for your cycle rides so whether it's your daily commute, a journey to visit a friend or perhaps you would just want new ideas for cycle rides, why not try using a cycle journey planner to work out the best route for you.

Useful cycle maps for the Stirling area

  • Stirling University has a map of the campus on their website, this also shows routes between Stirling City centre and the University if travelling by Bike, car, public transport or walking. 

Download or view the maps below

National Cycle Network

The National Cycle Network (NCN) covers the whole of the country, it provides a network of recognised and well-signed routes that you can use for leisure or commuting. 

These routes are often off-road or on quiet back roads. We have a number of signed NCN routes in the Stirling Council area for example a 76-mile circular linking Stirling to Edinburgh, taking in Aberfoyle, Callander, Glen Ogle and Killin.

Responsible cycling

Remember to ride responsibly when you're out. To find out more about responsible cycling visit the Scottish Outdoor Access code.

If you're more into mountain biking, check out the Do the Ride Thing.

Walks, Running and Cycling in and around Dunblane


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