Born 10 April 1512 - Died 14 December 1542 (aged 30)

  • James V, born 10 April 1512, was only one year old when his father, James IV was killed at Flodden he became king at just seventeen months
  • James was crowned in the Chapel Royal at Stirling Castle on 21 September 1513. As a youth, his education was in the care of the University of St Andrews
  • The Scots were unwilling to accept his English mother Margaret Tudor as Regent.
  • In 1536 he decided to marry. He had fathered at least nine illegitimate children by a series of mistresses.
  • He now chose as his wife Princess Madeleine of France, for he was eager to strengthen 'the Auld Alliance' against England. The Princess was tubercular, and she died in his arms on 7 July 1537, seven weeks after her arrival in Edinburgh. 1538 In 1538 he married another French lady, the widowed Mary of Guise, tall, well-built and already the mother of two sons. She had two more sons by James but they both died in infancy within hours of each other in 1541.
  • Retiring to Falkland Palace in Fife he took to his bed with a high fever. His pregnant queen had given birth to a daughter, Mary, instead of the hoped-for son, he believed that the Stewart dynasty was at an end. Six days later, he was dead.

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