Your brown and grey bins are being replaced as part of the improvements to Waste Services.

We currently provide two types of bins: diamond style bins (brown and grey) and comb style bins (blue and green).

To make sure we are using the same type of bin for all household waste, your brown and grey diamond style bins are being replaced with brown and grey comb style bins.

The removal and replacement of your brown and grey bins will start on the 16th November 2020 and run until the 31st January 2021. 

We are in the process of sending letters to every household explaining this change, starting 11th November 2020.  We will be sending these letters out in batches and will have all letters delivered by 11th January 2021.

You can find out when your replacement brown and grey bin will be delivered by checking the FAQs or by using our postcode search here.

Bin Rollout Phase 1

Delivery Dates - 16th November to 29th November 2020
Dunblane Tyndrum
Raploch Killin
St. Ninians Lochearnhead
Fallin Fintry
Killin Blanefield
Crianlarich Carbeth


Delivery Dates - 30th November to 13th December 2020

Dunblane (part of)

Whins of Milton
Bridge of Allan (part of) Hillpark
Cornton (part of) Bannockburn (part of)
Cambusbarron (part of) Callander (part of)
Torbrex (part of) Balfron


Delivery Dates - 30th November to 13th December 2020
Blairdrummond Deanston
Doune Buchany
Keltie Bridge Callander (part of)
Cornton (part of) City Centre (part of)
Torbrex (part of) St Ninians (part of)
Springkerse (part of) Braehead
Cowie Kilmahog
Brig O'Turk Strathyre
Lochearnhead Drymen
Balmaha Milton fo Buchannan
Croftamie (part of)  

Bin Rollout Phase 2

Route 4 Delivery Dates - 4th to 17th January 2021
Bridge of Allan (part of) Causewayhead
Cambuskenneth Riverside
Kings Park Broomridge
St Ninians (part of) Cambusbarron (part of)
Gargunnock Kippen
Thornhill (part of) Port of Menteith
Aberfoyle Kinlochard
Kilearn Dumgoyne
Gartness Balfron Station


Route 5 Delivery Dates - 18th to 31st January 2021
Dunblane (part of) Plean
Bannockburn Thornhill (part of)
Arnprior Buchlyvie
Gartmore Blanefield
Strathblane Mugdock
  • Our contractor has undertaken a detailed health and safety risk assessment for the bin distribution and collection project. 

  • When our contractor collects your diamond bins and delivers your new comb bins, they will ensure that they wear gloves and follow good hygiene practices to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid-19. 

  • You should follow good hygiene practice when moving the new bins onto your property (e.g. wash your hands straight away). 

  • We do not expect that the diamond bin replacement project will have any greater risks associated with Covid-19.
  • Most are over 15 years old which is the guaranteed lifespan of a wheeled bin

  • They are not commonly used elsewhere in the UK and sourcing replacement bins can be difficult and expensive

  • They are not compatible with the majority of waste collection vehicles

  • The change will mean all of your household waste and recycling bins are standard ‘comb’ bins.
  • Yes, if our records show that you are eligible for a larger grey bin, we will deliver you a 360L replacement grey comb bin. 

  • If you receive a 240L grey comb bin but believe that your family is eligible for a larger bin, please call our Customer Contact Centre on 01786 404040 Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.
  • Yes, if our records show that you currently have a smaller diamond bin, we will deliver you a replacement 140L grey comb bin. 

  • The removal of diamond bins and delivery of comb bins will be undertaken by two different teams, so if you currently have a smaller grey bin and receive a 240L grey comb bin as a replacement, please call our Customer Contact Centre on 01786 404040 Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

The old bins will be broken down. The wheels and axles will be reused on other bins, and the main plastic body of the bin will be ground down and used in the manufacture of new wheeled bins.  

Please remove these now and keep them somewhere safe for when your new bins are delivered.

Our teams will not be able to remove any stickers from your old bin when they exchange it for a new one.

Yes, we will take care of everything. 

Our waste collection team will firstly empty your bin as normal, then leave it on the kerbside so that it can be removed by a removal team.

We will let our delivery teams know that you receive an assisted collection and ask them to deliver your new bins to your normal bin store location.

We will sticker your new bins to show that you receive an assisted collection. 

  • Most are over 15 years old which is the guaranteed lifespan of a wheeled bin.

The spend is part of a delegated budget to Waste and was approved at a meeting of Council on 30 June 2020. 

Replacing the diamond bins with comb bins will enable the waste service to optimise collections, deliver overall financial savings, and improve customer satisfaction.

Begin using your new bins as normal immediately. Your collection day has not changed.

If you are in a position to request assistance from a near neighbour to present your diamond bins for removal, this would be appreciated.  If this is not possible, we will put a postcard through your door with instructions on what to do if your diamond bins are not presented on the scheduled day.  

Bins should be presented at their normal collection point on the dates highlighted in your letter. Once they are emptied, please leave your old bin in the street. They will be removed and replaced with new bins by our contractor Jett Distribution.

Your new bins will be delivered where you would normally present your bins for collection, outside your property.

Stirling Council waste collection crews will empty the bins on your normal collection day and then place a sticker on them to show they are ready for removal.

The removal and replacement of the bins will be carried out by the Council’s contractor, Jett Distribution. Jett Distribution staff will be directly supported by Stirling Council staff throughout the removal and replacement process.

  • No, we will remove all of your old diamond brown bins but will only provide each household with a single new brown bin. If you have excess garden waste which does not fit in your brown bin, please consider either home composting or you can take it to one of our recycling centers. 
  • We will be reviewing our service policies and announcing the availability of second brown bins later this year. 
  • Please note that once your new brown bin has been delivered, we will be using different bin lifting equipment on our vehicles – this means that we will not be able to empty any of the old bins. 
  • If you are interested in composting your garden and food waste at home you can find out more information at:  

Your brown bin is also used to recycle food waste. To encourage an increase the amount of food waste recycled and decrease how much is disposed of as non-recyclable waste, we will deliver a new brown bin to all properties.  Food waste will continue to be collected, for free, every two weeks from your new brown bin. 


  • Please bear with us, we will remove it as soon as possible.

  • Please do not put any waste in your diamond bin in the meantime.
  • Please leave the diamond bin at the kerbside so that we can remove it. 

The replacement of the brown and grey bins is the first stage of the Waste Transformation Programme which will reduce waste to landfill and increase recycling rates to meet national targets.

The changes will also reduce the costs of providing our household waste service

Should you require additional information about the replacement of your brown and grey bin, please call our Customer Contact Centre on 01786 404040 Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.




Last updated: Monday, November 16, 2020 7:58 AM